Similar to Orc “Lord of the Rings”, Mysterious Creature Found Without Sharp Toothed Eyes


Andrea Jud, 39, found a mysterious creature with no eyes and sharp teeth on Gabr el-Bint beach in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula. This creature reminds us of the orcs in the Lord of the Rings movies.

Found stranded on the beach, this unnamed animal is already dead. Up close, this creature has two sets of jaws, one of which is inside the other. It is believed this was his weapon for hunting.

“I didn’t touch him, just looking at him made me feel uncomfortable. The creature scared me. He was like an orc Lord of the Rings,” Jud was quoted as saying. Mirror.



What adds to the mystery is the creature’s location. Andrea estimates the distance to land is about 12 meters, out of reach of the waves. Jud was camping with a group of friends when he found the creature. He and his friends had hiked to locations along the coast from Dahab.

“I saw it early this morning walking back from the beach. The creature looked completely dead, its skin dry, dark gray and uneven. Its mouth was open revealing its sharp teeth. There was a hole deep in the back of its head, probably its ears, no maybe it’s the gills,” Jud detailed.

The creature’s body was long and curved, with the tip pointing toward the head, like a seahorse. Looking for answers, Jud shared his photo to a marine identification group on Facebook.

Netizens’ answers were varied and imaginative. Some call it Voldemort, others comment it is a demogorgon which is a monster from the Netflix series Stranger Things.

It is possible that the mysterious creature is a moray eel, an animal that has a second jaw in their throat. When a fish is caught in the main jaw, this second jaw will slide forward and drag the prey back to be swallowed.

If this is indeed a moray eel, the scorching sun in Egypt may have burned its body, so that it can no longer be easily recognized.

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