“Similar Tactics: Comparing Trump and Johnson’s Approach”

The two most histrionic ex-presidents in the contemporary history of democracies in the so-called First World, Donald Trump and Boris Johnson intend to become two innocent victims overnight who are not responsible for anything they are accused of in their respective countries and that, on the contrary, are persecuted by dark forces that seek to harm them. That they lied unintentionally and that they allowed themselves to be guided towards the path of evil by their own collaborators who they now label as evil. Their attitude, between childish and dishonest, perfectly reflects the degree of irresponsibility they have reached.

The former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, a powerful man where they exist, has had to show his face these days to answer for the celebration of the partygates, those illegal little parties that he and the members of his cabinet organized during the pandemic, when his entire country abided by the strict and harsh isolation measures imposed due to the covid. And how did he do it? Like a spoiled child with pouts included. And by way of defense he argues that it was not his fault but his subordinates who misinformed him. And that although he lied to Parliament, he did it without fault.

Nothing different from what was already known about him, a kind of revival that is governed by that highly questionable saying of “he who is not alive is stupid.” And now that he has found himself in trouble, he has brought out a new card: that of the political conspiracy of his enemies who want to end his career since he is the greatest anti-communist that the islands of the South have produced. United Kingdom. Often described as a compulsive liar, Johnson came to say in his defense, in the 50-page report he presented to the media, that he misled the House of Commons out of ignorance, that there is no document indicting him and that he would never he thought that those meetings in Downing Street could be considered a party. At this point, anyone who reads or listens to it can only feel astonishment and pity at the very least. Or pain, a lot of pain, if you think about the number of people who could not say goodbye to their loved ones for complying with the measures demanded by the government of the most hard-faced Prime Minister that the Tory party has given in its recent history.

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Meanwhile, on this side of the Atlantic, but north of the continent, the colorful former president of the United States, Donald Trump, is preparing to face criminal investigations against him. Among them, the alleged payment of bribes to an adult film star named Stormy Daniels. For this, he has spent more than a week inciting violence, death and destruction from his social network in case he is arrested. And last Saturday he gave an hour and a half speech at the Waco (Texas) airport in which he basically said that he is a victim of the Democrats who conspire against him so that he does not run in the 2024 elections, “I am the man most innocent in the world” he asserted brashly.

And following that line, for an hour and a half he launched himself at the ready against the prosecutors who are studying the criminal accusation, against the attorneys for the prosecution, against the Supreme Court for not keeping his income statements secret, and of course he insisted again in the falsehood that the 2020 elections in which he lost to Joe Biden were invalid, despite all the evidence and denials that have been presented in this regard. As usual, he relied on lies to validate his feverish arguments that they have already done so much damage to the country. And using one of his great tricks, he convinced his captive audience that the problems are not really his but his followers: “they don’t come for me, they come for you.”

Boris Johnson and Donald Trump look like they attended the same school. Creators of dangerous fictions, never willing to answer for their actions and rather certain that they will always get away with it. Theatrical, with a dangerous capacity for oratory due to the crowds they manage to move. Their decisions in the respective governments that they managed have left countries with a clearly divided public opinion and the consequences of such behaviors have done damage that goes beyond the material. They have left a message of distorted values ​​according to which lies must be sustained until the end, because the more they repeat them, the faster they will become reality. .

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