Silvia Pinal will not return to the theater!

After the sudden news of the cancellation of the play ‘Caperucita ¡Qué wave con tu abuelita!’, which targeted Silvia Pinal for her health problems, it is her son Luis Enrique Guzmán who confirms that the first actress will not return to theatrical stages.

Despite the fact that Doña Silvia performed last weekend in the staging with success, on this occasion the musician explained the reasons why the first actress and presenter will not participate in the new adaptation of the aforementioned work.

“My mother no longer returns, not on tour or anything, but I wish all the theater producers the best, not just Iván,” Luis Enrique said in an interview for the Venga la Alegría program.

Subsequently, the son of Enrique Guzmán stressed that the first thing is the well-being of his mother. “Well no, not at the moment, I think his health comes first, and that’s what was worrying us, which was the reason why we made the decision, not to commit anyone anymore, not even those of the production , nor the public, that they feel uncomfortable being in a performance that is already difficult for her, or that she is not performing as she would like, she has already done what she wanted to do, which was to get on stage, we saw it in her eyes, and he had the great satisfaction of feeling lights, public and applause, great applause”.

In the same way, the musician confessed that the decision was made by his three children. “Alejandra expressed her concern to me, and Sylvia and I sat down and said ‘with all this problem that is arising around the play, I think that it is not even what it should have been, that it is a children’s play’”.

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Regarding the project, Luis Enrique said: “The script is something else, it doesn’t even have the same title anymore, and that’s fine, Iván has his things and is wanting to move forward, if you can’t with my boss, you can with Norma. Lazareno, or with Mary Paz, or whoever is doing the work, and move on.”

Regarding the relationship that will exist between the matriarch of the Pinal Dynasty and the press, Luis Enrique explained: “Between the risk and insecurity, it is better not to put my mother in check, who has nothing to do like that, who gets off from the stage with a super warm ovation and with the love he felt from his audience. She is taking her therapies, eating very well, we see her in a very good mood, making jokes and scolding everyone, which is always a very good sign, and we are very happy now ”.

About the plans they have for Mrs. Pinal, the musician said: “We are going to do workshops and things here, it will be here at home, the same and with some of her actor and actress friends who come to have a few lines with her, to lighten the situation better”.

Finally, Luis Enrique Guzmán did not rule out the idea that his mother could receive a tribute in life for his great artistic career. “I don’t know if in Fine Arts, it would be something very nice if it were done properly, in any case, other plans are being worked on, and in the documentary that is still in talks, but they are things that we want my mother to enjoy in life” .

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