Silk scarves and million dollar necklace: Frank Ocean goes luxury with his brand Homer

While waiting for a third album, Frank Ocean launched his independent luxury brand, Homer. For the Super Rich Kids And the others.

Frank Ocean unveiled this Friday his brand new project, titled Homer. Unfortunately for the singer’s fans Channel Orange, who are waiting for the successor of Blonde, his second album, in five years, it is not the title of a new disc, but of an independent luxury brand on which he has been working for almost three years. In the program ? A collection of jewelry consisting of diamond encrusted bracelets, enamel pendants and gold rings, as well as patterned silk scarves. Without forgetting two bags and an anorak stamped Prada, which could augur a collaboration between the Italian brand and that of the musician, as the site relays. Highsnobiety, which gives an overview of Homer’s catalog.

Prices vary from affordable to astronomical, ranging from $ 435 for a pendant (or € 370) to $ 1.9 million (around 1.6 million euros) for a high-rise necklace. jewelry.

For those who wonder about the meaning of the name of the sign, Frank Ocean explained that he had chosen Homer “mainly because it is a word of five letters and that the dotcom (domain name on the internet, Editor’s note ) was available ”. “But also because Homer is considered the father of history and history is meant to last – like diamonds and gold. I know that Homer used papyrus, but I always liked the idea of ​​engraving history in stone ”he explained in an interview with the Financial Times.

A job dedicated to his family

“From the bottom of my heart, this project kept my mind moving and my imagination spun throughout. All my work is now dedicated to my family. Everything, ”the singer wrote in an Instagram story, appearing to refer to the tragic disappearance of his 18-year-old brother last year. The singer of Money will open its store in Manhattan this Monday, August 9, located at 70-74 Bowery. If the music seems to be on hold for the artist, his first steps in fashion are, for their part, to be marked with a (precious and) white stone.

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