Sileri (Health): «File for tampons? Do more rapid tests, in all schools and by pediatricians and GPs “

Five thousand positive cases exceeded; a week ago they were less than half (2,499), Deputy Minister Sileri we went back to the April numbers, what is happening?
Before answering, Pierpaolo Sileri, Deputy Minister of Health and surgeon also lists the more than a thousand new outbreaks identified thanks to tracing and the 387 patients hospitalized in intensive care. And then he explains: true, the numbers seem to be those of April, but there is not the same trend as the virus, because they do not correspond to the number of hospitalizations, of people in intensive care, of deaths: positive cases will continue to rise, we cannot think that what is happening in the rest of Europe will not happen here, but it will happen more slowly if we are able to respect the rules. The virus circulates and, as Minister Roberto Speranza said well, we will have to stay for at least another 7-8 months with the knife between our teeth, but for this we must keep daily life under control, with tests, masks and distancing.

Is there a risk of a return to the April situation?
It will depend on the progress of the virus, but now we know it and know how to deal with it: less likely it will enter an emergency room or nursing homes and create an outbreak, now there are protocols to protect the weakest.

Have you seen the long lines to swab?
Yes, I am saying that we need to broaden the diagnostic field by using all types of tests precisely to reduce overcrowding. Saliva tests and rapid tests should be used for broader screening in cases where no direct contact with positives has occurred and there are questionable symptoms.

In those rows there are also parents with small children who were removed from kindergarten at the first sneeze. Will pediatricians and general practitioners be able to take the tests?
The Federation of General Practitioners has given its availability and we will try to extend this possibility to everyone.

And at school? In Lazio the control of the students started.
It must be extended to all schools in Italy, it can also serve as a sentinel repeated over time to monitor the progress of infections, because the youngest are often asymptomatic but then bring the virus into the family, many outbreaks are born right there. We need to be aware of the risk and to think that the distance must be respected even at home and with the closest people, up to using the mask with grandparents at Sunday lunch.

Masks always?
Yes, even if they differ according to places and needs: surgical ones where there is less crowding; the Ffp2 on bus and metr

Have you made peace with the CTS experts?
I have never argued with them, I only solicited answers on quarantine and tests, no criticism, indeed. But I understand that too many requests arrive at the CTS and instead it takes time for a scientific validation, science has its times.

And with Minister Speranza?
Never no problem, we talk and see every day and work together.

October 9, 2020 (change October 9, 2020 | 22:57)



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