Silent Hill composer Akira Yamaoka anticipates announcement of highly anticipated project

Akira Yamaoka is a highly respected musician in the video game industry, he is the main composer of the horror saga Silent Hill And how will you know if you are a fan of the saga, if Silent Hill is scary it is in part because of its incredible soundtrack in each of its games.

Yamaoka recently collaborated for The Medium an essential to play on your Xbox Series X and S, however, it seems that it was not the only thing the composer worked on, we know this thanks to a recent interview with Al Hub, a YouTube channel and revealed an important detail about his recent projects.

The game will be presented in the summer of this year. It will be something that people have been waiting a long time to hear.

Silent Hill on the way?

This may be the big game Yamaoka is working on, the hype for a new game in the franchise is gigantic, several recent rumors have almost taken for granted that a new Silent Hill is in development and well… Akira Yamaoka on the composite band, that’s undoubted so everything could be true.

However, there is nothing confirmed and as Akira points out, it will be in the summer that our doubts will be cleared up. We recommend keeping an eye on Generation Xbox for more news.

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