Signs that you have knee pain and various causes

Knee pain is a common problem that causes severe pain and the inability to walk and move and affects all ages and mostly needs treatment to rest with the instructions that the doctor prescribes, according to what the site stated mayoclinic Knee pain may be the result of a broken bone or tearing of the ligaments and severe inflammation in them. There are some symptoms that indicate a knee problem, namely:

Knee pain symptoms

1: severe knee pain and severe difficulty walking and movement.

2: redness and swelling of the knee.

3: Inability to extend or move the knee.

As mentioned by the site mayoclinic There are various reasons for having knee problems which are:

1: there are injuries.

2: An accident or broken feet affects the knee and causes severe pain in it, or as a result of an injury to the cross ligament and injury to the meniscus.

Having medical problems

Knee pain may be caused by rheumatoid arthritis, an immune disease that affects joints, or gout, a type of arthritis, or tendinitis and osteoporosis.

In the case of knee pain, it is advisable to visit the doctor to perform the necessary tests, including “radiology and magnetic resonance tests,” and blood tests that explain gout or arthritis.

It is also advised to follow the medications prescribed by the doctor, including medications that treat the main cause of knee pain such as osteoporosis, arthritis and gout with analgesics, and treatment may be by injection or knee surgery in large cases.

It is also advised to follow some tips to relieve knee pain:

1: Commitment to rest and not making any effort that affects the knee and increases pain.

2: Snow can be placed on the knee to reduce inflammation and pain.

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