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Significantly more ribbons handed out in Brabant for the first time: 544

The number of people in Brabant who received a royal decoration on the occasion of the ribbon rain has increased for the first time in years. Quite a lot, to 544. This is the highest number since 2015, when there were 551.

  • On Tuesday, 3025 people will be decorated throughout the Netherlands.
  • A total of 36 percent of the recipients are women.

There are a number of special ribbons included. For example, lawyer Maria Eva González Pérez has been able to call herself Knight in the Order of Orange-Nassau since this Tuesday. The 48-year-old Eindhoven, who has an office in Helmond, has been known nationally since she brought the allowance affair with the tax authorities to light.

The Eindhoven lawyer Pérez was previously the sheet aside and honored the National Client Council. This Tuesday mayor John Jorritsma was allowed to do this all over again. He also had nice words for another Knight in the Order of Orange Nassau: Bert Brunninkhuis. The former municipal secretary in Eindhoven had to stop years ago because of Q fever. Since then, he has been committed to helping fellow sufferers with interest group Q-uestion.

Etienne Bax also ‘knighted’
In Brabant another 51 people were ‘knighted’. Among them, one top athlete: Etienne Bax, the 33-year-old sidecar driver from Bergeijk. The reigning world champion was also the only resident of this municipality who was surprised with a KO.

In four municipalities in our province, ‘hurrah hurrah hurrah’ could be proclaimed twice. Tilburg was again the most generous municipality (38). Among the people who were surprised here were the 93-year-old (!) volunteer pur sang Harrie Buster and Kiek Boelaars. This Tilburg girl founded Kwidam in 1988, the first gym for women in our country. Tilburg was closely followed by the amalgamated municipality of Land van Cuijk (36). Remarkable: in Escharen no fewer than five people received a ribbon. The award that was given most often is ‘Member in the Order of Orange Nassau’.

Highest award for gynaecologist
The highest honor in our province was that of Knight in the Order of the Netherlands Lion. The mayor of Eindhoven Jorritsma was allowed to pin the associated decorations on Dick Schoot. He has been working at the Catharina Hospital in Eindhoven for almost thirty years and has made a name for himself as a gynaecologist at home and abroad by using keyhole surgery.

Speaking of hospitals: as far as is known, no nurse or doctor has been royally ‘rewarded’ for their efforts during the corona period. Three Brabant citizens became Members of the Order of Orange-Nassau, because they stood up for their fellow man during that miserable time.

Attention to fellow man during corona
For example, Mrs. Van Roessel from Helvoirt kept an eye on the residents of Vision de Vlasborch in Vught. Marij Haerkens van den Brand-De Lau was one of the founders of ‘Someren doen’, a club in her hometown Someren that stood up for residents and entrepreneurs. Virma Modesta Virgen Durinck-Lourens from Vessem ensured, in addition to various other activities, that more than six hundred food packages were collected on Curacao.

Patricia Aerts-Verhoeven from Diessen supported a vaccination location during the corona crisis and she visited lonely elderly people. Her husband, Chris Aerts, also became a Member of the Order of Orange-Nassau. Together they were the driving forces behind Benjamin, a foundation for young people in need of care, and separately they are committed to all kinds of other organizations. Scattered over Brabant, several other married couples were distinguished.

Surprise for Sint and Piet in Zundert
In Zundert there was a surprise for another inseparable ‘couple’: Ton Franken, assistant Sinterklaas for over 31 years, and Gidie Winkenius, assistant chief Piet for 35 years. Both are or were, like so many fellow provincials, also selflessly active for various other events and organizations.

For the past two years, it has been impossible to hand out ribbons in front of many people because of corona. Now that the disease has lost its grip on society, many municipalities have reverted to this (traditional) method. In other municipalities, the decorandi were visited at home or elsewhere, just like in 2020 and 2021. Or a combination was chosen.

In this card you can see how many ribbons have been awarded in your municipality:

Here’s what precedes the awarding of a ribbon:

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