Signal Messenger is no longer open source

6. April 2021 –
The publicly viewable code of the messaging app Signal has not been updated for about a year. A more up-to-date version is running on the messenger’s servers than is available on Github.

The server code of the signal massaging app was last updated in the Git repository on April 22, 2020. Apparently, Signal has decided not to post any future changes to the server-side code. This is not officially announced and was made by the developer on request from “Golem” also not commented.

Signal is a prime example of encrypted communication. The protocol, which implements end-to-end encryption, is considered exemplary and has already been tested several times by encryption experts. The Messenger source code is published under a free license so that anyone can study it and change it if necessary.

While the code published on Github is no longer updated, the Signal servers are now running a new version. In the official forums of Signal, a user already posted in June 2020 the question about the current server code, whereupon a lengthy discussion arose, as reported by “Golem”. Even before that, there were times when Signal’s public server code was only released late. However, the repository has never been orphaned for as long as it is now. (swe)


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