Sigma drew with Baník and complained to the referee after the match. Hradec is victorious again

Sigma Olomouc drew in Friday’s overture Fortuna: Liga with Baník Ostrava 1: 1, Hradec Králové defeated Pardubice 2: 0 at home.

Sigma collected in the weakening

Olomouc sent Martin Hála to the lead in the match with Baník in the 10th minute, but in the 84th minute the visitors were dominated by the visitors Ladislav Almási. Sigma played from the 75th minute without the disqualified Pavel Zifčák. Miner lost points after two wins and is fourth in the incomplete table. The sixth Olomouc, which has one good match, drew for the second time in a row and scored in six of the seven rounds.

The home team struck right from their first chance in the 10th minute. After a successful signal from a corner kick with a shot to the back post, Hála pushed through and with the sixth goal in the league season he became independent at the head of the table of gunners. “I have to admit that I didn’t hit the ball cleanly. I hit it with my heel and I thought it wouldn’t work. But then I saw that it flies exactly to the stick,” Hála told reporters.

Over eight and a half thousand spectators waited for the next chance within the 26th minute, when Almási jumped on the center of Kuzmanovič from the right side, against whose header Macík hit the home. A minute later, Sigma was able to collect from the rapid ground-floor center of Sora. Chvátal in a difficult position played the ball only towards his own goal and hit the chest of goalkeeper Macík.

Rousek, who did not hit the goal with a shot from the volley, did not take advantage of the good opportunity afterwards. For the second time in the match, 10 minutes before the end of the half, the Ostrava Almási got to the header, but Macík was again attentive.

“We had a great signal and we were dominant for the first 20 minutes. We played energetically, emotionally. The match met very high parameters from the point of view of commitment from both sides,” said Sigma coach Václav Jílek. “Sigma started well, played quickly, accurately and with quality. Unfortunately, we got a goal from the standard we were preparing for. This complicated the match,” added Baník’s assistant coach Ondřej Smetana.

After changing sides, the active Almási aimed his head exactly in the middle of the goal. From a promising position on the lime line, Kuzmanovič then fired after a rebounded ball, but aimed over. Similarly, after an attempt from a great distance, Fleishman did well.

Even in the second half, an even match was played, during which Zifčák significantly intervened. He was on the lawn for about six minutes, when he played with a dangerously high leg in the 75th minute and the referee Klíma immediately eliminated him.

The people of Olomouc absolutely disagreed with the verdict. “There are certain important moments in the match that need to be evaluated correctly. When we evaluate Zifčák’s intervention as a red card, then I do not understand that Sor was not ruled out after the second yellow card, which I thought was absolutely clear and obvious. match, “said Jílek.

“I was very upset. I told the referee that he should have given the red card to Sora as well for the intervention when we went to the renumbering. Sor jumps on his back, falls and the referee does nothing. So I asked him why in one case the red “I don’t think so. If the player processes the ball and the opponent jumps in his leg, then I don’t think it’s red,” said Hála.

Baník created a territorial advantage in the power play, but De Azevedova shot from the penalty area a side next to the goal. The visitors got a chance to pulling one back after 84 minutes, due to a defensive blunder leaving Active Azáseda completely unmarked Almási. Baník scored in the league in Olomouc for the fourth time in a row.

“If we didn’t get a goal from the standard, it could have turned out even better for us. But Sigma played very well, it’s a good opponent this season and it will be hard to win here,” said Smetana.

Hradec won for the third time in a row

In the prelude to the 8th round of the first league, the footballers of Hradec Králové defeated the East Bohemian rival Pardubice 2: 0 and won the highest competition for the third time in a row, moreover without a collected goal. The score in Mladá Boleslav, where the “Votrocs” have home asylum, was opened in the 36th minute by Jan Král and in the end he secured the victory of the newcomer Daniel Vašulín after another corner of captain Adam Vlkanova. The people of Pardubice scored fully once in this league season only once.

“We really wanted to make the third win in a row. Moreover, when it came to the derby, the motivation was doubled. We are glad that it worked out and also after a very decent performance,” said Hradec Králové coach Miroslav Koubek at the press conference, who won the jubilee 200th. league match in the role of head coach.

The Hradec Králové team entered the premier East Bohemian derby in a separate first league better. In the 14th minute, Vlkanov’s header was pulled by the goalkeeper Markovič to the corner, after which Dvořák hit the crossbar with his head after a rebound.

Although the people of Pardubice got out of the pressure and leveled the game, they collected in the 36th minute. After a corner kick and the center of Vlkanova, the free King got to the header and placed the ball exactly in the upper corner. Cadu did not allow the quick equalization of the defender Donát by a timely intervention on the goal line, on the other hand he fired the active Vlkanov from the turn over the crossbar.

“We had a chance at the end of the first half, when we could score, we didn’t succeed. The home team kicked it off in a miraculous way,” said guest coach Jaroslav Novotný.

“Pardubice had a good ten minutes after our goal, they had a series of four or five corners. We fell out of the role, I was afraid that we would go to the cabin at 1: 1,” Koubek admitted.

The home team also had the upper hand in the beginning of the second half and in the 59th minute Vašulín scored Markovič, but the goal was canceled after the intervention of the video referee due to offside. The unrecognized goal slowed down the Hradec Králové team a bit, but the people of Pardubice did not create a better chance.

Vašulín finally scored a regular goal, when in the 88th minute the ball was prompted after another Vlkanov’s corner kick. The best scorer of the “Votrokes” in the league scored for the second time in a row and overall for the third time in the year.

In the setting, he could at least reduce the alternating Huf, but the goalkeeper Fendrich shot his shot over the crossbar. “We were clearly better in the second half and I am glad that we led the match to victory,” said Koubek.

Hradec has not lost in the 11th competitive match with the current Pardubice club since its founding in 2008. “Derby is always exceptional, exaggerated. That’s why we wanted to change history, but we didn’t succeed. We’ll have to wait for revenge. We don’t play either at home. If we did, there would be more people and it would be a little different,” Novotný said.

Round 8 of the first football league:

Sigma Olomouc – Banik Ostrava 1: 1 (1: 0)

Goals: 10. Hall – 84. Almási. Judges: Klíma – Hájek, Vodrážka – Ondráš (video). ŽK: Breite, Sedlák, González – Sor, Ndefe, Tetour, Smetana (assistant coach). ČK: 75. Zifčák (Olomouc). Attendance: 8613.


Olomouc: Macík – Chvátal, Poulolo, Jemelka, Zmrzlý – Zahradníček (78. Daněk), Breite, González (78. Beneš), Sedlák, Hála (90. + 2 Šíp) – Růsek (69. Zifčák). Coach: Jílek.

Ostrava: Laštůvka – Ndefe, Svozil, Lischka, Fleišman – Sor (64. Juroška), Kaloč (64. Budínský), Kuzmanovič (71. De Azevedo), Tetour, Potočný (71. Klíma) – Almási. Coach: Galásek.

FC Hradec Kralove – FK Pardubice 2: 0 (1: 0)

Goals: 36. Král, 88. Vašulín. Judges: Szikszay – Váňa, Hurych – Adam (video). ZK: Cech, Kodes – Toml. Attendance: 1605.


Hradec: Fendrich – Donát, Král, Čech – Mejdr, Kodeš, Rada, F. Novotný – Dvořák (86. Kubala), Vlkanova (90. + 1 Prekop) – Vašulín (90. + 3 Soukeník). Coach: Koubek.

Pardubice: Markovič – Cadu, Čihák, Toml, Čelůstka – Jeřábek – Tischler (60. Kostka), Červ (46. Aries), Solil, Chytil (76. Huf) – Matějka (69. Černý). Coach: J. Novotný.



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