Sifu’s rhythm game and the Xbox-only scary game Scorn received significant success.

publishing house Kepler Interactiveopened in 2021, has reported results for its first full year of operation.

The company reported that revenue for this period exceeded $50 millionand also recognized the releases of two games that she was involved in releasing as “extremely successful”.

One of them was bitmap Sifu from the studio Slouch. The game was released in February 2022 on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and PC and according to Kepler, has by now exceeded 2 million copies sold. This month, the project will appear on the Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and Switch.

The second game, the launch of which Kepler was satisfied, it turned out to be horror Scorn from Ebb Software, released on Xbox Series X|S and PC last October. Immediately on release, the game got into a subscription Game Pass.

Unlike Sifu, the company didn’t reveal specific sales numbers for Scorn, but specifically noted the success of both games in China.thanks to which the publisher is going to deepen its partnership with a Chinese marketing and PR agency IOI Gamerwhich will provide “valuable market support for Kepler’s portfolio of current and future games.”

In addition, Kepler Interactive announced an investment in a Singapore studio The Gentlebrosknown from the series Cat Questand entered into a global publishing partnership with the French studio Sandfall Interactivewho is working on her debut game.

This year, Kepler, together with partner studios, will release a tropical adventure Bye and role-playing Flintlock: The Siege of Dawn.

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