Siemens goes to the freight railway area – Freiburg

Location Eugen-Martin-Strasse.

(BZ). The Siemens branch in Freiburg is moving. At the end of 2022, it should move out of its current headquarters on Schnewlinstrasse and move into the new building on Eugen-Martin-Strasse on the freight yard. This office building is currently being built by BPD Immobilienentwicklung GmbH. Siemens rents several floors in it, which are “planned and built according to our needs”, says Frank Gerlach, spokesman for the Siemens branch in Freiburg.

Siemens has been linked to the city and the southern Upper Rhine region since Siemens & Halske established a construction office in Freiburg in 1900, according to a company statement. The Freiburg branch is the southernmost branch of the sales and service organization “Siemens Germany” and takes over the sales of the products and services of Siemens AG. The sales area of ​​the branch extends over Freiburg and the districts of Breisgau-Hochschwarzwald, Emmendingen, Lörrach, Ortenau, Schwarzwald-Baar and Waldshut.

“In addition to residential and office space, practices, hotels, restaurants, cafés, shops, fitness studios and a day-care center will also be located on the new area. This mixture of living, working and leisure surroundings is the perfect environment for Siemens and will suit the Freiburg employees offer a modern and forward-looking environment, “says Frank Gerlach.

An office service provider from Freiburg will also move into the building with “Ecos Office Center Freiburg”. Its offer includes flexibly rentable offices as well as coworking and meeting rooms.

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