Siderov’s circus in BNT again, Boyko Vassilev offered him to change his name to Zhelyazkov | | News from Bulgaria and the World

The leader of “Attack” Volen Siderov, who is currently a presidential candidate, is once again behaving scandalously on TV. During a pre-election debate at Panorama, Siderov did not let the other guests in the studio speak and often interrupted them.

The greatest chaos occurred when the leader of Ataka wanted to repeat at least three times that the pandemic and the deaths from COVID-19 was a “huge fraud” and claimed that “These are not coronavirus deaths. They give money to write COVID-19 deaths.”

Siderov repeated another of his favorite conspiracy theories, that Bulgaria was “a territory occupied by the Americans, which we could revive only with resistance.” He went even further: “Maybe we should start making bandits, deadly companies, yes, yes, yes, they were very effective, much more effective than the Macedonian detachments with the twisted mustache, which shoot in the ceiling of the pub. “

According to him, Bulgaria is leading provocations against “the greatest and best military country at the moment – Russia”.

The moment when Volen has nothing to say

However, the leader of “Attack” hit a rock when he picked up another favorite topic: Musala peak to be renamed to St. Ivan Rilski. Then the host of “Panorama” Boyko Vassilev aptly intervened with the question why he did not change his surname, as “Siderov” is not in Bulgarian and is translated as “Zhelyazkov”. At that moment, the voice politician failed to answer anything.

The kenef in the Third District

What is Siderov currently fighting for? “I am struggling to put Kiril Petkov in prison, I can show him the cell in which to enter the Third District Police Department. The kenef there, the toilet is very bad, I tell you honestly, it is very naughty. I want Trapchinko – Petkov and Vassilev I call them Trapchinko and Kokorcho – to spend at least a day there and be charged, just as 3 charges were brought against me, which BNT skipped like a small train station. ”

In the last parliamentary elections, Ataka failed to gain even half a percent of the vote of confidence – then only 12,585 people voted for the party.



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