Sidak, Anies Angry Non-essential Office Violates Emergency PPKM


Governor of DKI Jakarta Anies Baswedan check on a number of offices in DKI on weekdays during Emergency PPKM. Anies found that the non-essential office violated the emergency PPKM.

Anies’ action in checking the office in Jakarta was uploaded on his Instagram social media account, @aniesbaswedan. Anies looks angry because he finds offices outside the essential and critical sectors operating.

“Where’s the HRD? It’s not about violating the rules, what’s your name? Diana’s mother and your company are not responsible,” Anies said to the HRD office, as seen on Tuesday (6/7/2021).

“It’s not a matter of profit and loss. It’s a matter of life. We want this save the lives of people and people like this mother are selfish. These are the workers coming let’s go,” continued Anies.

Anies’ upload included a description of the location of the ‘Sahid Sudirman Center’. Anies asked that office operations be closed immediately.

“Now close the office and it will be processed immediately. Tell everyone to go home and obey the rules. Got it?” said Anies.

Why violated? They follow company rules right? Company ordered come in?” Anies asked a man from the company.

“Yes, 25 percent,” said the man.

Anies then mentioned the death case in Jakarta. Anies reminded that companies should take responsibility in reducing the number of Corona cases.

“Every day we bury people, sir. You take responsibility. All dead, sir, no profit. Don’t be like this. Moreover, there are pregnant women in. Pregnant women if they get COVID, giving birth is the most difficult. This morning I received one pregnant woman who died. Why? Giving birth, COVID,” said Anies.

Check out the video ‘Luhut-Anies Asks Workers Who Are Forced to Come to Work to Report!’:

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