Sick leave via video: What is behind the dispute

After the expiry of the telephone sick note, the Austrian health insurance company proposes a video consultation as a long-term solution – for the medical association this is a sign of distrust towards the patients. She wants to keep the status quo.

Once again, the Austrian Medical Association (ÖÄK) and the Austrian Health Insurance Fund (ÖGK) are clashed and are publicly fighting a conflict. This time it is about the possibility of taking sick leave by telephone, which will expire at the end of May and thus at the same time as the mask requirement in public indoor areas is largely lifted.

The medical association wants to maintain the status quo, after all it has proven itself. The ÖGK, on ​​the other hand, insists on a “medical assessment” and suggests sick leave via video consultation. Behind this problem, which can actually be solved, is actually something completely different.

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