SIC Notícias | Rui Pinto will be released

Rui Pinto will be released this Friday, the decision was taken by the trial judge.

O “hacker” been in preventive detention from March 22, 2019 to April 8 this year, the day he was placed under house arrest, but in housing provided by the Judiciary Police, and he was also prohibited from accessing the internet and having access to devices that allow it, by decision of the criminal investigating judge (JIC) Cláudia Pina.

The JIC justified the decision to transfer preventive detention for housewives, on the one hand, with the inversion of the defendant’s stance, who started to present “a critical sense and a willingness to collaborate with justice and, on the other hand, saying that the borders were subject to high controls due to the covid-19 pandemic, which is why he understood “that the danger of escape was shown to be reduced”.

Rui Pinto’s collaboration with the authorities led to the release

Portuguese law provides that the defendant’s collaboration in the investigation can lead to relief in coercion measures.

This collaboration also led to the suspension of five less serious cases in which Rui Pinto was indicted, explains the journalist from Expresso who has been following the Football Leaks case, Rui Gustavo.

Rui Pinto will be released without any restrictions, but will have to report to the police once a week.


In September 2019, the Public Ministry accused Rui Pinto of 147 crimes, 75 of which illegitimate access, 70 of violation of correspondence, one of computer sabotage and one of attempted extortion, for accessing the computer systems of Sporting, Doyen, the law firm PLMJ, the Portuguese Football Federation, the Attorney General’s Office -General of the Republic (PGR) and the Score Platform and subsequent disclosure of dozens of confidential documents of these entities.

A instruction, optional phase that aims to decide whether the case continues and in what manner of judgment, was required by the defense of the two defendants in the process: Rui Pinto and his lawyer, at the time of the facts, Aníbal Pinto, accused of intermediating the attempted extortion, from between 500,000 euros to one million euros, to the Doyen investment fund.

On instructional decision, rendered on January 17 this year, the criminal investigating judge (JIC) Cláudia Pina pronounced (brought to trial) Rui Pinto for 68 crimes of undue access, 14 crimes of violation of correspondence, six crimes of illegitimate access and also for computer sabotage to Sporting’s SAD and for extortion, in the attempted form, the latter, a crime for which the lawyer Aníbal Pinto was also pronounced.

JIC Cláudia Pina maintained that the accusation was void as regards the mailbox owners who did not file a complaint, which is why he decided not to have Rui Pinto pronounced on 53 of the crimes correspondence violations in the indictment.

Another change promoted by the JIC in the instructional decision in view of the prosecution of the MP, was the conversion of 68 crimes of illegitimate access into crimes of improper access, due to the fact that Rui Pinto, in these cases, accessed mailboxes and not computer systems.

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