SIC Notícias | Canceled second debate between Trump and Biden

The second debate between presidential candidates for the White House, Donald Trump and Joe Biden, scheduled for October 15, was canceled this Friday.

The Debate Committee canceled the event after the President refused to hold a virtual debate, a source told CNN. According to the same media, the cancellation is the culmination of a dispute that lasted 48 hours between the two campaigns.

What would be the third debate, scheduled for October 22 in Nashville, is likely to be the final meeting between the two candidates before the November 3 elections.

The commission had announced on Thursday morning that the debate scheduled for Miami would be held virtually, as Trump had tested positive for covid-19. Trump quickly rejected that plan.

This Friday, the President announced his return to the campaign with an event at the White House, where it will gather hundreds of supporters, and with a rally scheduled for Monday at a Florida airport.

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