Shweikar danced with this film, which exposed her.. She did not shave her armpit hair

A very old video clip of the late Egyptian actress Shweikar has recently circulated on the pages, in which she appeared dancing in a movie when she exposed herself, and it was clear that she had not shaved her armpit hair.

Shweikar grew up and lived in Heliopolis, and her artistic inclinations began to appear at the age of four. At that time, Laila Murad was her favorite star, and her father enrolled her in French schools, where her father was fond of poetry and had a voracious appetite for reading, while her mother was good at playing the piano, which affected Shweikar’s life. And who was distinguished by her striking beauty, so her father decided to marry her to a wealthy young man, “Engineer Hassan Nafie” when she was sixteen years old, and after a year of marriage, she gave birth to her daughter, “Mena Allah”, after which her husband became seriously ill, and at that time Shweikar decided to complete her high school studies before she was shocked by her husband’s death Where she became a widow and a mother to her only child at the age of eighteen, and two years later she was chosen by Sporting Club and crowned with the title of the ideal mother at the age of twenty, where she was working, teaching and raising her daughter.


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