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There is a shortage of electricity in the region.

AT Khmelnitsky region From Monday, January 30, there will be a new hourly outage schedule with six queues. It is designed for a “6 by 3” scheme: outages will last six hours, and electricity will be only three hours.

About it reported in Khmelnitskoblenergo.

The company notes that the introduction of six queues will allow more equitable shutdown and slightly increase the distribution time of electrical energy. It is noted that an error is also possible when switching queues within 20-40 minutes.

“So far, the schedule of hourly shutdowns is designed for the 6 by 3 scheme. The reason for such a scheme is massive enemy attacks on energy facilities. A significant shortage of electrical energy remains in the unified energy system,” the report says.

Photo: Khmelnitskoblenergo.

As soon as the situation improves, as well as a larger limit is proved for the area, the schedule of hourly outages will be changed to a “4 by 4” or “4 by 12” scheme.

By the way, until January 30, shutdowns will occur according to the hourly shutdown schedule, which contains four queues. You can find your address at link.

Recall in the energy system of Ukraine on Saturday, January 28, the deficit remains significant. The most difficult situation in the Odessa region. There, due to significant damage, restoring a planned power plan takes longer than before.

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