Shows: Pamela Franco on her relationship with Christian Domínguez: “I love my

and they have among their plans to be parents. In addition, she confessed that she is more jealous than the cumbia singer, but feels calm because she has ‘love to spare’ and ‘trust goes hand in hand’.

“We are leaving for the ten months of relationship, we are very happy and we are focused on work and family, which is the most important thing,” said the singer.

How are they living together?

Very well, it helped us to get to know each other better, we are a complement in everything we do. When we decide to live together, we decide to be a family, we not only support each other emotionally but also work together.

A few months ago you said that you would like to be a mother, do you follow the plans?

Sure, it’s a dream for me and we’re waiting for the blessing (baby). The plan is there, but God’s timing is perfect.

And who is more jealous in the relationship?

I ha ha ha. Well, the truth is that we are focused on our things that there is no time to be jealous, but I beat him by a little.

There are some women who put GPS on their partners, would you go to that extreme?

I am calm living what I have to live in the best way. Every head in her world.

Would you never do that?

Answering that is giving people talk and I only care about myself and my family, so it will be today, tomorrow and always.

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In your relationship there is a lot of love and trust.

I am happy because I am calm and at this moment in my life what matters most to me is my tranquility. I have love to spare and trust goes hand in hand.

Speaking of another topic, Isabel Acevedo said that she would try the chifa that Christian sells, what do you think?

I have nothing to say.

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