Entertainment Shows: Juliana Oxenford hints at Sigrid Bazán: “In me...

Shows: Juliana Oxenford hints at Sigrid Bazán: “In me you will find many



Juliana Oxenford reflected on the diplomatic attitude he has shown Sigrid Bazan to refer to the criticism that was made Beto Ortiz and Magaly Medina. “Nice weekend for everyone and do not forget to be authentic, do not be afraid to say what you think, do not worry so much about what they will say. A good person is not the one who always acts in a “diplomatic” way, keeping the forms and then damaging the rest under their breath “, indicated the driver.

Juliana Oxenford of to understand that Sigrid Bazan is hypocritical. “A good person is the one who strives to be close to your most honest and transparent side. I don’t know about you, but for me, one of the most important things is to speak the truth and that the rest of the people know that in me they will find many defects but never a hypocritical woman ”, the driver mentions.

LOOK: Sigrid explains his absence on the news and sends Juliana Oxenford a hint ?: “There is no better comment than the preference of the public”

Finally, Juliana Oxenford appreciates the love of the public. “In short, it is what it is”. Thanks to everyone who follows me around here and on TV on the show. A huge hug for each one of you “, the driver needs.

As you remember, Sigrid Bazan he referred to the criticism made by Beto Ortiz, Juliana Oxenford and now the last Magaly Medina, The driver indicated that she focuses on what viewers are telling her. “Thank you very much for your attunement, there is a whole team of cameramen, producing, titling, reporters on the streets, there is no greater recognition of our work. I say ours because it is a team not only is the driver, but in truth it is a whole team behind “, Indian.

Finally, the political scientist continued to thank her followers. “Having you behind the screen (…) this greatly enriches our work, there is no better comment than that for us. Thank you very much”, indicates Sigrid Bazán.

Sigrid Bazán is pronounced for his absence from the program (TROME)


Juliana Oxenford mocks Sigrid Bazán (TROME)
Magaly Medina mocks Sigrid Bazán (TROME)



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