Shows: Amy Gutiérrez new song Sergio George youtube

In an interview with the program ‘Exclusively’, Amy Gutiérrez He was encouraged to perform live a preview of his new song that will be released by the producer Sergio George.

In communication on Laura Borlini, Amy Gutiérrez It revealed that the song doesn’t have a definite name yet, but the release date is planned to be revealed in July, much to the delight of its fans.

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“I am happy and anxious for everything that is to come. We continue to work hard and evenly. The song doesn’t have a name yet but I already recorded it. It was necessary to finalize details and organize the launch ”, he said Amy Gutiérrez.

Despite the fact that the singer said that she could not give many details, she finally decided to sing a little of the song that will soon be released on all platforms.

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As you know, after working with Yahaira Plasencia, now Sergio George has been carrying out projects with Amy Gutiérrez and with Daniela Darcourt who is about to launch a song with Tito Nieves.

Amy Gutiérrez performs a preview of her new song live with Sergio George -TROME


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