Showed glimpses of the next Skate in a new trailer

EA and the developer studio Full Circle were able to shed some light on their upcoming Skate game on Thursday. New details came in the form of a trailer, which you can see in the video window above.



As the developer points out, the work is still ongoing, and the clips in the video are from early pre-alpha and pre-pre-pre-alpha stages. Here are both simple models in unfinished surroundings, to more fully developed sequences, but things can change before the game goes out.

In addition to skating, the trailer shows other ways to get around the game world. At some point, for example, the game character takes the board under his arm and jumps from rooftop to rooftop, but often this becomes relevant in the full version is difficult to predict.

Otherwise, the trailer hints at a more varied construction tool, which allows you to design your own skate parks. Here it will apparently also be possible to have quite a few players at a time.

In the trailer, the team also says that the door is open for those who want to test the new Skate. Interested players can register on the game’s websiteto get the chance to be selected for future test phases.

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