SHOW begins: GOLD leader George Simion invites Cîțu to negotiations, in University Square, to protest – News by sources

AUR wants to discuss with the Prime Minister Florin Cîțu about the support of the Government. Negotiations can take place in the University Square, during an anti-government rally, AUR representatives announced, according to Mediafax.

The meeting that Prime Minister Cîțu was invited to attend will take place this weekend, in the University Square in Bucharest. During the meeting, the AUR representatives want to discuss a possible support in the Parliament of the Cîțu Government.

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“AUR talks with any party that respects the Constitution. PNL has arrears in this regard. Democracy and constitutional rights are not negotiable. However, Florin Cîțu is expected in the University Square, on Saturday, at 17:00, to deal directly with the Romanians. In these conditions, we can also negotiate with him “, he declared George Simion, copreședintele AUR.

On Saturday, an anti-government rally will take place in the University Square, in which the Alliance for the Union of Romanians also announced its participation.



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