Shot at with an air rifle: the tale of a hasty retreat

A man has been arrested after shooting at minors with an air rifle: – The caller appeared to be very scared!


The Sør-East police district reports that at 21:00 they received a report from a minor boy that his mates had been shot with an air rifle.

The police write that the incident must have happened in connection with the boys calling and running away from an address in Færder municipality.

– One of the young people who was there called the emergency phone. Patrol on the spot came into contact with the boys, and were able to confirm that the boys had marks that could have come from an air rifle, says operations manager Råger Aaser to VG.

– The person who called appeared to be very scared, adds Aaser.

He says that the police have come into contact with a man in his 50s who is connected to the act, but that they have no details about the motive or anything else.

The police write on Twitter that the man has acknowledged the actual circumstances.

– There are no consequential damages. The injuries are considered bodily harm, and the fact that it was done with a firearm is aggravating. It is also a form of threat and intimidating behaviour. There will be several matters that the lawyers will have to assess, says Aaser.

Aaser adds that it is safe for others to travel in the area.

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