“Shorts”, YouTube’s short video platform, has reached 30 billion views

Without a doubt, short videos are currently one of the most popular digital content formats. Among the platforms that stand out the most in this segment is TikTok, a leader in this format, as well as Instagram, which adapted this model some time later. However, YouTube, the leading video platform, is no exception and, in 2020, launched ‘Shorts’, a kind of short video like TikTok.

After two years of activity, this platform, which has the particularity of having videos both vertically and horizontally, has been very well received in the world of digital content, since there are already over 1,500 million users per month connected to this short model. recordings of the audiovisual giant.

Likewise, the platform reported that from September 2020 to the same month this year, there are more than 30,000 million short videos a day being viewed in “Short Films”. And while YouTube has been around for more years than other platforms, TikTok, for example, has a total of one billion daily views worldwide, according to Oberlo, a corporate search platform.

Another point that stands out in this model is monetization because, according to the video platform, it was decided this year to put advertising content in ‘Shorts’ and recognize the author of the video for 45% of the income generated by the video. post.

For this the distribution is generated by the number of views of each creator compared to the total number of views of the ‘Short Films’ and there will be no difference whether or not music is used in the videos, giving more freedom to content creators.

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