Shortly after her death, Prince Charles presented Princess Diana …

Charles and Diana in better conditions.


After Princess Diana’s death in a Parisian tunnel, her ex-husband Charles made another very insulting comment about her to her brother. This can be read in a new book about the British royal family.

The death of Princess Diana in September 1997 sparked a major quarrel between her ex-husband, Prince Charles, and her brother Charles Spencer. That happened while arranging the princess’s funeral.

One of the points of contention was that Diana’s brother did not think her sons William (15) and Harry (12) should walk behind her coffin. “He was sure Diana would hate the idea of ​​doing that to her sons,” writes author and historian Robert Lacey (76) in the book. Battle of Brothers. “He had already said that to Charles.” For example, a phone call ended with Diana’s brother throwing down the hook “after a very hurtful comment about his sister.” It is not known exactly what he said.

“Prince Charles had no doubts that he had to walk the whole route behind the coffin with his sons,” Lacey writes. “Uncle Charles disagreed. He was already angry in the name of his family that the royal family had hijacked the funeral, and especially letting his nephews step behind the coffin was not okay with him. ”

Eventually the brothers did go after the coffin. Prince Harry said 20 years after the death that his uncle was right. “It was very tough for William and me. Our mother had just died and I had to walk a long distance behind that box among thousands of people. I don’t think you should ask such a thing from a child, whatever the circumstances. Something like that wouldn’t happen today. ”


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