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During the fourth international meetings of the School of Psychoanalysis of the Lacanian Field Forums, the writer and art critic Catherine Millet was questioned about the paradoxes of desire. She then declared: “One of the functions of art is to present us either images or objects that we believe we can recognize at first glance, and then which very quickly reveal themselves to be other, if not the reverse of what we expect. ” What was Philomène waiting for the night she sent a private message to a famous comedian on Instagram? When the discussion took on a more and more intimate turn? And when was the appointment given? Few things. And yet, the relationship advancing, which revealed itself to her did not fail to amaze her. A story told at the microphone of Benjamin Saeptem Hours. Follow Slate Podcasts on Facebook and Instagram (also find the Transfer account there). To share and discover new podcasts, join the Slate Podcast Club on Facebook. This tenth episode of the Transfert short stories was produced and directed by, under the direction of Christophe Carron, Benjamin Saeptem Hours and Sarah Koskievic with Aurélie Rodrigues. The music was composed by Arnaud Denzler.


Histoire courte: La porte sera ouverte is nice, i can make this song big for you go look at my cover picture on here it shows how to reach me

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