«Shops open from 4? Well, what about schools? ”- Corriere.it

It was almost three o’clock the other night when the ministers left Palazzo Chigi after one glowing meeting, despite the windows open to limit the risk of contagion. We were discussing Christmas, a dossier that is stirring the minds in the government a lot. And the question that has returned to divide the Giallorossi’s team Giuseppe Conte is once again there school.

It was Lucia Azzolina, after two in the morning, freezing colleagues: «Of course I’m happy too because the curve is flattening, but there is one thing I don’t understand. I feel a great euphoria, I hear you speak of open shops, restaurants, ski slopes… But none of you have anything to say about school? Really think that with the Dpcm of 3 December we can reopen everything, leaving closed the high schools?».

An embarrassed silence followed, until the Renzian minister Elena Bonetti went to the rescue of her colleague: “Lucia is right, schools must be reopened as soon as possible“. They say that no minister of the Democratic Party, who just yesterday celebrated the General States of the school, shared the heartfelt appeal of the Head of Education and indeed that more than one, perhaps in a whisper, observed how it is “impossible, with the lines of ambulances in front of hospitals, fight for religion to reopen high schools ”.

Between 5 stars there are those who hope it is possible put an end to distance learning already on 7 Januaryor, but for the owner of Health, Roberto Speranza, “We will have to see how we are”, because January is far away and it is impossible presee the epidemiological situation after the Christmas holidays.

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The holidays, in fact. If for the penalty wing, of which, in addition to Speranza, Francesco Boccia and Dario Franceschini, dancing and toasting New Year’s Eve would be a crazy gamble and going skiing an unforgivable lightness, other ministers push to restart.

And also Conte, who is also described as “cautious”, would like to allow a traders and restaurateurs to keep the lights on e raise the shutters as much as possible before Christmas, to restart the economy. The productive categories are in pressing on the government and resisting is difficult, as evidenced by the long confrontation in CDM on the snow, which has already whitened the peaks of the Dolomites. The Minister of Belluno Federico D’Incà and the head of Sport Vincenzo Spadafora they would have insisted a lot to reopen the ski lifts.

“We have to be very careful, we need prudence and rigor – Franceschini warned, after having snatched a cold laugh from colleagues because “face-to-face meetings are held with the windows open” -. We cannot risk that an underestimation such as that of Ferragosto will cause the curve to rise and explode the third wave in January ».

And Speranza, convinced that Italy has entered one “New phase” of the second wave: «We must imagine ad hoc measures that will allow us to manage the holiday weeks without risk. Even if in December almost the whole country will be in the yellow or orange band, we will have to maintain strict national measures and evaluate how to strengthen them between Christmas and New Year ».

Although I noted with satisfaction the drastic and encouraging drop in the number of patients who entered intensive care, 10 in all yesterday, the Minister of Health urges Conte to curb the “easy enthusiasms”. Which means that, in his plans, “Restaurants and bars cannot reopen in the evening”, not even for the dinner on the 31st and not even in the yellow regions.

Also of shops there has been much discussion, because you have to decide how to reopen the historic centers e whether to keep businesses open for two weeks from December 4th, and then close again before Christmas. A solution that the “soft” wing of the government considers it too drastic.

November 21, 2020 (change November 22, 2020 | 07:06)


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