Shopkeeper Elīna Didrihsone has come to the attention of CRPC

Elīna Didrihsone, the owner of the clothing store “Butterfly” and the face of the brand, has received a message from the Consumer Rights Protection Center (CRPC) regarding the non-use of the instant advertisement # on the social network “Instagram‘, in which Mr Didrichson actively promoted his family business, imported textiles.

Content will continue after the ad


According to Didrihsone on the Telegram, the CRPC ruined her on the morning of June 28th. “It’s super stupid! Now I have to put up a hashtag” advertisement “for each of my stories that mentions” Butterfly “! , “The shopkeeper comments on the CRPC ‘s reprimand for not indicating the fact of advertising.

Didrichson notes that in cases where she advertises her own business and not another company’s business or service, it is not logical to advertise it as advertising. She also believes that the public authorities are discouraging people from developing their business. “Everything is paid for so much that it seems – insanity, even more so! – but then you get such letters where you want to read more. We have encountered it quite a lot – we have swallowed, paid for everything the state wants it, but they don’t come back, ”the business mourning side is characterized by influencere.

The shopkeeper is puzzled that CRPC is going to penalize her for creating and managing an Instagram account. Didrichson emphasizes that he is a “different influencer” than everyone else because he advertises only his diligence; if she had been paid for the advertising, she would have been prepared to include it in the content. According to Didrhson, there are no such laws for advertising your own store anywhere else in the world.

As the CRPC explained to the Delfi portal, Didrihsone is currently in the authority’s sight, but no decisions or penalties have been made yet. “We have called for the voluntary elimination of violations related to the non-separation of commercial information from personal information when communicating with our followers on social media sites. We are currently reviewing commercial practices, we have not imposed penalties. Gertmane.

According to the CRPC, one of the surveillance priorities for several years has been to monitor the marketing of influenza, paying constant attention to various influenza agents: “Especially those with a large number of followers, as this also means a more significant impact on consumers,” he explains.

Elīna Didrihsone is followed by more than 97 thousand people on her Instagram, but her store account has more than 27,000 people. The content of both profiles is mostly created and created by her, but the company itself is owned by her husband Nauri Didrihson.

Katrīne Sauliete and Adriana Miglāne, for example, have previously been penalized for not showing the snapshot.

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