Shooting reported at Supermarket in Boulder, Colorado

Through social networks, a active shooting in a supermarket in Boulder, Colorado, and images of the unfortunate event show multiple victims.

According to Boulder police, the shooter was inside the Mall, where he started shooting in the supermarket and the police also responded to the attack.

Moments later, the police managed to arrest him, the shooter of the supermarket King Soopers he was shirtless and was escorted by officers. His right leg appears bloody.

Local reports determine that the balance of shooting It is of several people injured and some dead, however, there is no official information on the count of the damages or the reasons that this subject has had.

The authorities issued the alert shortly before 3:00 p.m.

ABC news said police officers responded to a report that a person was shot in the parking lot area of ​​the plaza.

When they arrived at the scene, an individual opened fire on them and barricaded himself. At least six ambulances are shown at the scene and rushed to the scene, including the state SWAT team.



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