Shooting in the subway, after announcement that there is less crime

Efforts to improve the deteriorated image of the city’s train system suffered a new setback this Saturday, when a shooting occurred inside a train on the N line in lower Manhattan.

According to the police, at approximately one in the morning two individuals got into an argument and one of them pulled out a gun, wounding the victim in the arm and torso.

In the morning, users reacted to the news.

“I think that they should pay more attention to the subway, I think because there is a lot of danger here. Everywhere. Manhattan, Queens and everywhere,” Daniel Hernandez said.

The violent incident occurred as the train was approaching the station located between Canal and Broadway streets heading south.

Less than 24 hours earlier, Governor Hochul and Mayor Adams had gathered the press to say that since October they have reduced overall crime on the subway by 16% and 28% in major crimes such as shootings.

Between what happened and the official police figures given by both, there seems to be a contradiction.

But from Ciolen Mark’s opinion, the truth is that law enforcement can’t be everywhere and all the time.

-Can we really blame the New York authorities for the crime that we sometimes see happening in the train system?

“I think not really,” said the user. “We are the people who make the decisions to do bad things.”

Since October, more than a thousand police officers have been patrolling the stations.

They are installing cameras in the carriages and want to transfer people with mental disorders that abound in the subway to clinics.

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Measures have been taken to offer more security to users.

Also so that they have confidence to take the train and mitigate the economic crisis that is coming to the MTA.

But, the feeling of the people?

“My case now, with a little fear,” said Javier Vaca, another user.

The shooting that left the 34-year-old in the hospital is another blot on the record. A stumbling block that people acknowledge is being worked on.

The gunshot wounded man is reported in stable condition at the hospital, while police say they are looking for the 30-year-old suspect and a woman who was with him at the time of the incident.

If you know something you can call 1-888-57-PISTA.

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