Shooting in the Portales neighborhood leaves three people dead

The afternoon of this Saturday, February 29, there was a shooting in the Portales neighborhood. Photo: Jorge González


Four dead was the result of a shooting due to a property dispute in the Portales neighborhood, according to some witnesses.

The events occurred at the height of Balboa 604, in the mayor’s office of Benito Juárez, at around 3:45 p.m. when three people, who were about to board a red truck, were attacked with firearms by several subjects who descended from A vehicle.

According to the testimonies of neighbors, the attackers fled in a white car.

Around the vehicle were the bodies of two men and that of a woman.

The prosecutor’s office informed that inside the building, in the garage, was a third person, next to whom a firearm was found.

The man was seriously injured, and was transferred by emergency services to the Xoco Hospital where he died.

The neighbors report that the assault was for the eviction of the tenants of the house.

When I asked Don Mario how things were at home he told me that they were already in demand (to evict the tenants). I told him that if he needed it, I could testify because I am his neighbor, ”said a woman who preferred to maintain her identity in anonymity.

I had been renting them for five years, the contract was over and I couldn’t get them out, ”said the witness.

Elements of the Ministry of Public Security cordoned off the area for the experts. Meanwhile, the Central Prosecutor of Investigation for Homicide Crime Attention initiated an investigation folder.

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Photo: Jorge González


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