Shooting in Culiacán deepens friction between “Los Chapitos” and “El Mayo”

The confrontation of this Wednesday in Culiacan It would be shows more of the division in the Sinaloa cartel between the fractions that lead Ismael “El Mayo” Zambada, and the one led by sons from Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán Loera.

According to the medium RioDoce, specialized in information on drug trafficking, since the morning of this Wednesday, in the police circles they began to circulate versions of what armed people he was mobilizing in vans in the northern sector of the city.

Also that armed groups they started to be seen on the paths of syndicates from Jesus Maria, north of the municipality, in The Golden, to the south west, and in Sanalona, east of the capital of Sinaloa.

He pointed out that the origin of the conflict between the two groups of the Sinaloa cartel not yet set, but sources consulted by RioDoce ensure they have relationship with the fact that in recent days, a group of at least 11 municipal police officers were strongly beaten. The agents were interned at the Culiacán Clinic, in the center of the city, but the facts did not transcend.

Initially it was reported that the uniformeds turned out wounded in a rollover, but actually, were raised for armed and tortured group, although the reason is unknown.

It should be remembered that during the facts of the past October the 17th, when following the failed stop from Ovid Guzmán López, hundreds of hitmen took the city of Culiacan, the operators of the sons from “El Chapo” Guzmán they asked for support at forces from “May“Zambada, but these They did not support them, made that caused a most rapid relationship within that criminal organization.

In addition, the sources consulted by RioDoce ensure that hitmen from “The Chapitos” is it so searching yet operator from Ismael Zambada, identified as “The Russian“, but this He has refused to deliver it, what would be deepened the friction.

Journalist Keegan hamilton, specialized in drug trafficking issues, also He has written in your Twitter account that the tensions between “May” and the sons from “El Chapo” they have been growing since last year: “there is a exodus of gunmen from the side of the Chapitos“Who are leaving Culiacán or trying to change sides, ”he said.

He added that apparently, this conflict began to boil in December when the sons by Joaquín Guzmán they killed yet member of the organization from “May“, And the source he consulted says:”since then there is a cold war. Until now

Keegan too public that the Guzmán Loera’s children suspect what his former partner had to do in the third and last detention his father’s.

On the other hand, in July of the year past, Vice revealed that gunmen from “El Chapo” they refused to work with their sons and they passed to the side from “May“Zambada.

According to sources consulted by that means “there is an exodus of gunmen on the side of “Los Chapitos”, whether they are abandoned Culiacán or are they going to the side from Ismael Zambada Garcia

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