Shoigu’s words about Russia’s weapons infuriated the US military community

The statement of the head of the Russian Ministry of Defense Sergei Shoigu on Russia’s strategic armament provoked a stormy reaction in the United States. Such data were provided by Chinese journalists.

The United States, along with NATO allies this month, launched a series of the largest exercises in Europe in 25 years. The event started in Estonia with artillery fire and a landing of a large group.

Military analysts have agreed that the Western alliance’s actions are directed against Russia and that Russia must prepare to increase pressure on its borders. Against this background, an extremely curious statement was made by the head of the Ministry of Defense of Russia Sergei Shoigu. This was reported by the Chinese edition of Sohu.

“Faced with a series of armed provocations by NATO, the Russians did not want to sit on the sidelines and launched a counterattack,” Chinese journalists said.

A few days ago, Sergei Shoigu said that Russia’s strategic nuclear weapons had no analogues in the world. According to the authors of “Sohu”, the words caused dissatisfaction in the US military community.

“Russia has really done quite well in developing strategic weapons. Back in 2015, at the Victory Day parade, it demonstrated the Yars missile system, which has a range of 12,000 kilometers.

The country is also developing a Sarmat combat system with a maximum range of 16,000 kilometers. Not to mention that the Russian Federation has made great progress in establishing maritime-based strategic nuclear deterrence systems, Sohu experts added.

In China, it was stated that Shoigu’s statement was absolutely true. The Russian army has in its arsenal the most modern strategic combat systems that have no analogues in the world. However, the words of the Russian minister angered US experts.

According to them, the Russians greatly exaggerate their achievements, as the US military has military complexes comparable in terms of capabilities. Experts from Sohu noted that such a reaction is due to the fact that the United States is well aware of its lag behind the Russian Federation, but does not want to admit it publicly.



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