Shohei Otani[Updated from time to time]Achievement for the first time in 104 years Double-digit win Double-digit home run | NHK

Shohei Otani is 28 years old from Oshu City, Iwate Prefecture. In 2012, when he was in the third year of Hanamaki Higashi High School in Iwate, he hit a ball speed of 160 km as a pitcher and hit a total of 56 home runs as a hitter in high school. expressed.

However, Nippon-Ham, who was nominated in first place in the draft, decided to join the team after receiving an unusual proposal to support his dream of playing in the major leagues and develop a “dual sword” of pitcher and fielder, and in 2014, his second year. For the first time in professional baseball history, he achieved “double-digit wins and double-digit home runs” in a season.

The following year, he won three titles: “Most wins,” “Best ERA,” and “No. 1 win rate.” Selected as Best Nine in the department.

In 2018, his first year in the major league after transferring to the Angels, he won 4 wins as a pitcher and hit 22 home runs as a hitter, becoming the rookie of the year. I received

The following year, 2019, he devoted himself to batting, becoming the first Japanese player to hit the cycle with a batting average of 20%, 8 minutes and 6 minutes, and 18 home runs. I was.

In 2020, which was a shortened season of 60 games due to the influence of the new corona, the pitcher had 0 wins and 1 loss, the batting average was 10% and 9 minutes, and he ended up with 7 home runs. You should give up.”

However, in the following year, 2021, he made a full turn to pitching and batting from the opening, showing 9 wins as a pitcher, 156 strikeouts, 46 home runs as a batter, 100 RBIs, and 26 stolen bases. It was elected by a unanimous vote for the season MVP = best player since Mr.

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