Shohei Ohtani left the third record in major league history.

Only Santana and Kershaw have scored 22 points earned in 19 fields and 154 strikeouts in the past.

Athletics 3-2 Angels (6th time in Japan, Oakland)

Angels pitcher Shohei Otani participated in the last game of the season against Athletics on 5 (Japan time 6) at the same time as “No. he drank. Although he pitched well in the 5th inning with 6 strikeouts and 1 stroke and 1 run. , could not win without the support of his batting formation.The team was also defeated as it was and could not decorate the last game of the season.

Otani, who first suppressed with three outs, reached the first regular pitching inning (162) in the fifth year of the major. He has already achieved the established at-bat (502 at-bats) and in modern baseball since 1901 he has achieved the feat of the first “double stipulation” in history. Perfect pitch up to 4 times. Even though he lost 1 point on a sacrifice fly ball in the 5th inning, it was a good pitch that kept the 5th inning at 1 shot.

Ohtani, who pitched well in the final launch of the season, started 28 games this season, recording 15 wins and 9 losses and an ERA of 2.33. In particular, the results of the match against the Red Sox on June 9 (10th), which marked the fourth victory of the season, were remarkable and Twitter of the US data company “Cordify Baseball” published a series won in 19 games from the same game he only reported 22 and 154 strikeouts.

Since 1968, when the height of the mound was lowered from 15 inches (38.1 cm) to 10 inches (25.4 cm), it has earned 22 points earned in 19 fields during the regular season, according to Cody-Fi Baseball. Only Johann Santana, who has won the Cy Young Award twice in the past, and Clayton Kershaw (Dodgers), who has won the Cy Young Award three times, were the only players to land 154 strikeouts, making him the third Otani player to to do it.

Additionally, Ohtani has an astonishing record of 12 wins and 5 losses and an ERA of 1.67 in those 19 games, and has scored 23 hitter homers since June 9. It is an extraordinary result that there are more home runs than allowed.

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