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In ancient China, with the emperor as the center, the political system of imperial power supremacy and imperial power dictatorship was implemented. In addition to political struggles with his ministers above the court, the emperor in the harem also formulated various rules to maintain his status. .

While the emperor was enjoying political struggles, he also enjoyed the fun of power over the world. In ancient times, men could have many wives, and of course the emperor had more privileges. The emperor can not only have seventy-two concubines in the Sangong and Six Courtyards, but also recruit tens of thousands of court ladies to take care of his diet and daily life. As long as the emperor has ideas and a good mood, he can spoil any court lady. These humble court ladies are looking forward to being favored by the emperor. If they can, then they can give birth to the prince.

▲There are so many rules for court ladies in the Qing Dynasty, and the reason why their feet can’t be opened when sleeping is extremely abnormal (picture/reproduced from Baidu Encyclopedia)

But this kind of probability is very small. The palace ladies have no freedom of life in front of the emperor. They have to be restricted by various rules. After all, the imperial palace is hierarchical and complicated. If the palace maids do not obey the rules in the palace and violate the palace rules in the palace, then what awaits them is severe punishment, ranging from being kicked out of the palace and imprisoned, or being beaten to death by a stick.

The maids not only had to carefully observe various rules during the day, but also had rules to restrain them at night. Because the palace stipulates that the maid cannot sleep naked at night, cannot sleep lying on her back, and her legs must be tightly closed, not open, and the sleeping position must be standard. Every day there are eunuchs who come for rounds. If they are found to have violated the rules and did not follow the requirements, they will be severely punished the next day.

The ancient emperors believed in the power of the king and considered themselves the Son of Heaven, so they respected God. Therefore, it is a disrespect for the heavens to stipulate that people’s bodies cannot face the sky. If everyone spreads their legs while sleeping and faces the heavens with their feet up, the heavens will punish them and bring disaster to the royal family. Therefore, it is not surprising that there are such wonderful regulations in the palace.

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