Shocking! Similar to Mother, Bams Ex Samsons’s Marriage Was Also Threatened With Disbandment


The shocking news came from Bams eks Samsons, Mother. Apart from his mother, Bams also admitted that he was undergoing a divorce process with his wife, Mikhavita Wijaya.

So far, it is known that their divorce has not yet reached the court stage. Both Bams and Mikhavita Wijaya still discussed the separation carefully.

“If I am in the process of separating, but it is still peaceful until now. Because there has been no problem until now and yesterday I also talked to his lawyer, he also has no problem. So we’ll see what happens in the future,” said Bams. detikcom on Friday (26/3/2021).

On the same occasion, Bams was reluctant to provide further information. It is also not known what the reason behind the breakdown in their household was other than incompatibility.

“What is clear is that there is a disagreement, yes, in the past year it has decided that we split up. Only if we are in the framework of a peaceful path, we also don’t want destructive, “he said.


(AFN / som)


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