Shocking development .. Hair loss and menstrual disorder are new symptoms of Corona .. Video

“The Seventh Day TV” provided new coverage on the repercussions of the Corona virus, which continues to threaten the health of millions around the world, especially after mutated mutations of the virus appeared, which led to the emergence of new symptoms other than the common symptoms of the Corona virus.

A report issued by the “Centers for Disease Control and Prevention” CDC ، Affiliated to the United States of America The most prominent symptoms and how the Corona virus affects the body from the head to the toes:

Coronavirus affects the front of the head and many senses of the face, and leads to:

Hair loss is especially for those who have complications for “several months”.

Psychosis (a psychiatric term for mental states) is one of the most recent psychological symptoms resulting from viral infection due to high fever.

Encephalitis is one of the most serious complications and may result in death or loss of consciousness.

Inflammation of the eyes, which appears in the form of redness and blood lumps affecting the eyes of the patient, and inflammation of the eyes is one of the new symptoms that have been detected and related to the Corona virus, which is light sensitivity, conjunctivitis and itchy eyes.

Runny nose and loss of sense of smell and taste.

Teeth falling out when the infection lasts for a long time as well.

Stuttering and inability to speak, especially in children, due to infections caused by the virus.

“Tinnitus” due to the inflammation of the ears, which affects the sense of hearing.

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The rash appears on the face and body in the form of red spots.

Ulcers and infections appear on the outer layer of the tongue. The virus also causes “myocarditis”, which leads to a lack of oxygen due to the blocking of blood flow in the body.

The incidence of tachycardia syndrome for those who continue to suffer for long periods.

The lung is one of the organs most affected by infection, and it results in lung damage, inability to breathe and fatigue.

The digestive system, where the sufferers feel pain in the abdomen and stomach wall, which results in diarrhea and vomiting.

The nervous system because it infiltrates into the brain cells and causes “severe headaches, fatigue, tremors and depression.”

The kidneys are also affected and have small clots in the inner kidney tissue.

As for the reproductive system, it may also be affected and result in the testicles enlarging in men and impairing their ability to have children “even after recovery.”

While females suffer from irregular and interrupted menstruation.

Your feet are also affected by the injury. Besides “muscle and joint pain,” “skin marks on the feet” may appear.

The toes are swollen and red.


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