Shock clip of the “liquid nitrogen” explosion. during a science experiment child hurts

an unexpected accident to show chemistry experiments at the Cultural Center ofCity of Girona, Spain Last night (September 30th) local time “Liquid nitrogen” in the tank exploded as white smoke spread everywhere. This left 15 people injured, nine of them children, the clip shows.The crowd, mostly children There are a number of mixed parents. Stand around watching exciting experiments. Some people brought their cell phones to record clips. The manager tried to stir the audience by playing Bruno Mars’ Uptown Funk and urging them to keep an eye on the bucket.

The clip starts showing a tank. A faint white smoke rose and a man poured some substance into the bucket. before lifting another bucket At the end of the countdown from 4 to 0, the result was an explosion, but a much larger explosion than expected. The audience panicked and ran away. The thick smoke spread, engulfing the crowd and covering the camera until they could see nothing else. Authorities warned residents to avoid approaching the scene, and police, firefighters and emergency services rushed to the scene.

The report stated that Injured patients who need to be hospitalized. For the most part, doctors were allowed to go home on Saturday mornings. except for a 5-year-old girl, but the symptoms were not life-threatening. The most injured were Assistant Scientist holding a bucket. But until now it is not known what caused the error. The company responsible for this show is led by Deni Jaminez, physicist and television host for children. Knowledge of chemistry and physics He too was one of the wounded. The company will investigate the cause. And that this is the first unexpected accident since the scientific experiment shows in 20 years.

liquid nitrogen Nitrogen gas is in a liquid state at very low temperatures. Restaurants are often used to smoky and colorful cocktails, but liquid nitrogen has a very low temperature. if touched directly Skin and tissues can be damaged and blistered. Looks like burns or second scalds Poppad

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