Shmygal described the desired contract with Gazprom

Ukraine wants a long-term gas contract

Ukraine is ready to halve the gas transit tariff after 2024 and conclude a contract for 15 years.

The Ukrainian authorities are counting on extending the gas contract with Gazprom for another 15 years and are ready to reduce transit tariffs. Prime Minister Denis Shmygal spoke about the desired terms of the agreement in interview Radio Liberty.

“For us, the ideal period is an extension of 15 years. An appropriate proposal was made by Ukraine: we are ready to increase transit by another 55 billion cubic meters and this volume is ready to transit at half the price in the existing contract,” he said.

Shmyhal noted that the capacities of the Ukrainian gas transportation system make it possible to transport much more than 40 billion cubic meters of gas contracted for today.

“Europe must hear and believe that the Ukrainian GTS is capable of such transit today, and that this transit will be the cheapest. Here, along with politics, there is both economy and technical ability. This is a very important statement that our European partners take very seriously. it is already a question of their ability to negotiate with the counterparty from which they buy energy resources, “he said.

Earlier in the Russian Foreign Ministry, the main condition continuation of gas transit through Ukraine after 2024, demand is considered.

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