shit in your pants with these 5 awesome horror games

The PlayStation 4 offers an awful lot of good games for its users. No matter what genre you like, there is always something to like. Also for people who like to play horror games.

To help you with some good shit in your pants, I’ve listed 5 great PlayStation 4 games for you.

PlayStation 4: 5 great horror games

This list contains games that gave us a lot of goosebumps at WANT. We think these 5 games are worth playing if you’re looking for a fun horror game for your PlayStation 4. We’re not dealing with a ranking, so things are not right. These are just five titles we’re excited about … or not. It depends how you look at it.

This article contains affiliate links. It means that when you buy one of the games below from the link, we will get a small percentage of it. Nothing changes for you, but for us it’s a great way to buy dog ​​treats. Do not want it, like good friends!

# 1 Resident Evil 2

Fans of Resident Evil have had some good years. Players were able to go wild with the Resident Evil 7 in 2017, which proved to be a fantastic comeback for the franchise. But the Resident Evil 2 remake takes it one step further. People with a PlayStation 4 can shiver with fear because you just relive the classic story. But then with a number of new elements incorporated. Anyone who likes quite a few fears and great gameplay can enjoy the Resident Evil 2 remake!

You can get the Resident Evil 2 remaster for $ 23.99!

# 2 Until sunrise

Is Until Dawn a perfect game? Certainly not. But it is one of the best horror games I’ve played. The atmosphere in the game is terrifying and the choices you have to make make for a unique gaming experience. Especially considering that your choices influence how the game develops. In addition, it ensures that you can play the PlayStation 4 game much more often than once. And that of course it remains fun. Until Dawn is highly recommended to me.

Until Dawn is available for € 16.99 on PlayStation 4!

# 3 The Evil Within 2

People looking for a great survival horror game to play on the PlayStation 4 have come to the right place. The Evil Within 2 is a terrifying game that if you like it, you will really enjoy it. The game is well worth your money and time in that regard. The first game may not have been such a big success, but the second part is fantastic for the fans. Those who love excitement have come to the right place. The Evil Within 2 not only manages to build up the tension, but also to break things through.

You can buy The Evil Within 2 for $ 19.99!

# 4 Survive the Trinity

I personally recommend the Outlast Trinity collection to anyone who really wants to undercoate their entire underwear collection. It’s a bundle that manages all three full games. And believe me when I tell you that you have something at home. OutLast is one of the scariest games to play in my opinion. A result of the first-person element that goes with it. Every scary aspect in the game seems to be a lot more realistic. And you are shocked to death. Practically speaking, the game’s creators give a 100% shock guarantee and I don’t think too much has been said about that.

The Outlast Trinity collection will cost you € 38!

# 5 Dead in daylight

Anyone who has some friends who love horror games as much as you should definitely get started with Dead by Daylight. This PlayStation 4 title offers you lots of fun with your friends. Of course, it is not very relaxed to be chased by a murderer, but certainly not when your friend is. It gives an extra dimension to the genre and I personally like it very much. Collaboration has never been more important and fearing for your friends has never been more appropriate.

You can get Dead By Daylight for € 39.99!

More PlayStation 4 on WANT

Of course we have a lot to tell about the PlayStation 4 at WANT in recent years. We are already working on the successor a bit, but we have a lot of content about the current console. Do you want to read more, learn useful tips or just stay up to date with the latest news? Be sure to check out our special page!

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PlayStation 4: Shit your pants with these 5 great horror games

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