Ships Stuck Again in the Suez Canal, Had a Traffic Jam

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia —

Another large cargo ship snagged in Suez Canal on Thursday (9/9) and had triggered congestion in one of the global trade routes.

The Suez Canal Authority (SCA) stated that the Panamanian-flagged Coral Crystal had problems while moving south of the canal.

According to SCA, the 43,000-ton ship was caught in the northern part of the Suez Canal. However, the crew was able to come up with a movement solution on their own and managed to resolve the issue about 15 minutes later.

Based on the monitoring of the MarineTraffic website, the Coral Crystal ship then moved at a speed of about 12 knots towards the Port of Sudan.

The spokesman for the Suez Canal, Geoge Safwat, said that at the time of the incident, there were 61 ships carrying a total of 3, million tons of cargo in transit in the Suez Canal. He admitted that there was a traffic jam.

“The traffic jam does not have a negative impact,” said Safwat, as reported by USA Today.

The SCA representative also admitted that this incident had indeed caused traffic jams. However, the problem can be resolved quickly.

“There was only a slight congestion problem and it was resolved in less than an hour,” an SCA official told The National, as quoted by The National. The Independent.

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This news is of concern because in March, a giant cargo ship which also has a Panama flag, Ever Given, was stuck in the Canal Canal for up to six days.

The incident sparked congestion on one of the world’s busiest trade routes. Egypt also ordered the owner of the Japanese ship, Shoe Kisen, Kaisha, to pay US$900 million or equivalent to Rp13.16 trillion as compensation.




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