Ship loses containers at Ameland | Inland

The Baltic Tern is a 169 meter long ship. The ship is on its way to Rotterdam on the North Sea.

The Coast Guard announced from Den Helder around noon on Wednesday that it was the captain of the Baltic Tern who reported the five lost containers: “Two containers are still shaky. The ship sailed about 27.5 km north of Ameland and was on its way to Rotterdam. ”

Other ship in trouble

On Tuesday evening, another ship, container ship ‘Escape’, had also run into problems in the Wadden Sea. Escape appeared to have problems with the rudder.

Emergency rescue tug Guardian reported around 02:20 that he had made a towing connection with the container ship and that it could transport the ‘Escape’ to a safe place.

After the incident of ‘Escape’, the Wadden Association emphasizes on Wednesday morning that smaller ships of this kind can also cause problems on the Wadden Sea and Wadden Islands. “After the accident with MSC Zoe, attention was paid to large ships such as Zoe, which is 400 meters long, and their routes. Research was conducted into this.

Project leader disaster relief and ship safety Kuipers: “According to information, one of the containers contains acetone, a volatile substance that you just as well do not want in the environment. It is known after recent MARIN research that these smaller ships can also suffer from the waves, that cargo can be thrown overboard.

The ‘MARIN study’ is a recent study carried out by the nautical institute MARIN.

Appeal to the minister and the House

There is a parliamentary motion to allow the Coast Guard to issue binding advice on the sailing route. We call on the minister and the House to take action! ”, Says Kuipers. “We now have several incidents with ships in a day …” The now even more concerned Wadden Society promptly starts a petition, she announced on Wednesday morning.

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Kuipers: „Because apparently the ships just continue sailing. Something must be done quickly. We just see this again, that is beyond comprehension. ”

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