Shiny Diamond Pokemon review: not all that glitters is gold

Shiny Diamond Pokemon review: not all that glitters is gold

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“You always go back to where you were happy, and in the case of Pokémon the statement is really valid. If Pokémon Diamond and Pearl are among your favorites, Shiny Diamond and Shimmering Pearl will make you happy ”


  • Classic Pokémon gameplay

  • A vast pokedex to fill


  • It has no new competitive game mechanics

You always go back where you were happy, and in the case of Pokémon the statement is really valid. What’s your game of Pokémon favorite? I am 33 years old and mine is Pokémon Gold, perhaps because it represented a quantum leap with respect to Pokémon Red. Also because I have a special affection for Pokémon Ruby, since it was the first game in the series that I tried “conscious” of the mechanics of the metagame.

An image from the video game Pokémon Shiny Diamond
Without being spectacular, Pokémon Shiny Diamond is cute.

Now I am here before Shimmering Pearl Pokémon and Shiny Diamond Pokémon, two reissues of the first games in the series for the Nintendo DS. For me, Perla and Diamante They were the games that I walked away from the series with, more out of personal frustrations around the metagame than because of the quality of the titles, which incidentally enjoy a good reputation among fans of the series. But do not hold in high regard Perla and Diamante does not mean that I do not know that, as it happened with me with Pokémon RubyFor many it was the game that introduced them to the world of Pokémon, so in the face of such expectations ILCA (the study behind the development) brings back the Sinnoh region, where as a coach you must save the world from the plans of Team Galaxia.

Not all that glitters is gold

I think the first thing you should know about remakes Shimmering Pearl Pokémon and Shiny Diamond Pokémon is that they are very different games with respect to Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield. The games have a so-called “top” view (top down) and not the dynamic third person camera which, in my opinion, gives a fantastic feeling of freshness in Espada and Shield. Simply put, these reissues feel very retro, and if you played a lot Perla and Diamante In 2006 (15 years ago!) you will most likely realize that the most significant change is the graphical update.

A battle in Pokémon Shiny Diamond
Some things do not change, such as battles against teams of six Magikarp.

Sure, there are some improvements that make Shimmering Pearl and Bright diamond more accessible games compared to their original peers. I think the most useful in terms of game experience is that after each battle all the pokémon on your team receive experience points to level up, so even when you basically only use your starter (I chose Chimchar) as you progress you will end up with a more or less homogeneous team in its level, a very useful addition but we already saw in Espada and Shield. There are other nice details, like that receive Jirachi or Mew if you played Espada / Shield O Let’s go Evee / Let’s go Pikachu.

Another beneficial addition is the autosave feature, which while there is not much to say, it will represent a notable change for old school players, used to saving their game every time they finished their game session. Now just put the console in standby mode (does anyone really turn off their Switch?) And put away your Switch to resume your adventure later, confident that your progress will be there.

Regarding additions, you probably hear some negative comments that say that Shimmering Pearl Pokémon and Shiny Diamond Pokémon they are loose reissues. And they certainly are, although the points on which that laziness can be pointed out are debatable.

From my point of view, that Shimmering Pearl and Bright diamond They are not going to have competitive game VGC (the category in which the Pokémon World Cup is played) and therefore lack new mechanics such as the reintroduction of mega evolutions or other types of features designed in multiplayer, make me choose to stay away. Yes, I probably play them for their anecdotal value, but since my only interest in Pokémon has been competitive play for many years, these reissues have little to offer me.

Shiny Diamond Pokémon brings back beauty pageants
If you love beauty pageants, Pokémon Shiny Diamond will make you happy.

On the other hand, the random dungeons of the Underground Grottoes, beauty pageants, and secret base construction are sure to add some gameplay value for those who find these additions entertaining. I pass.

Roark, Gym Leader in Pokémon Shiny Diamond
Do you remember the name of this gym leader?

Anyway, I know that not all Pokémon fans are regulars of competitive play (they should be! Especially now that playing and learning is so accessible), so for them I must say that Shimmering Pearl and Bright diamond they’re adorable. If your expectation is to return to the Sinnoh region, complete the Pokédex (it includes all the Sinnoh Pokédex and practically those of Kanto, Johto and Hoenn), defeat eight non-memorable gyms until defeating the champion Cynthia – the only one who transcended and who because star in an episode of Pokémon Generations—, Shimmering Pearl and Bright diamond they will entertain you.

But if you do not have the best memory of these games, or as in my case your only motivation is competitive play, continue with Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield. After all, don’t forget that Pokémon Legends Arceus will be released in January 2022, a game that, even without having a competitive component, promises a newer experience than Shimmering Pearl and Shining Diamond.

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