Shine on the resolution of ‘Bangkok Health Assembly’ to make Bangkok a healthy city

On November 25, 2022, at the 3rd Bangkok Health Assembly, 2022, whichBangkok (BKK) with Office of the National Health Commission (NorCho.) and Affiliate Networks Organized under the theme “Bangkok, a healthy, safe city, a good economy…can be built!” At one point, there was a forum called “Small Voices to Build a Healthy City”, which was a report on the resolution of the Bangkok Health Assembly No. 1-2 ago

increase the urban green

Prof Dr Nuttawut Assawakowitwong Director of Research Center for Space and Social Integration Faculty of Architecture Sripatum University Reveals Resolution “Public Space Development Collaboration for Community Welfare” stating that investment to increase space public orgreen areaBeing in the big city is becoming more and more important in many countries and I think Bangkok itself is moving in that direction. In order to improve the quality of life of people living in the city.

Assistant Prof. Dr. Nuttawut said there is no shortage of space in Bangkok today. We will see many private areas being converted into agricultural areas such as bananas and lemons without the need to produce. The challenge is to bring these areas to be added as public spaces. We make a contribution to the well-being of the people in the city. At the same time, it is the development of these gardens or public spaces. It has become the choice people think about when they want to spend their free time. But these things the State itself would not be able to do by itself.

“Today many sectors have taken joint action, whether the BMA itself has set up a working group. Including a district-level mechanism that has increased the mission of public spaces. And we plan to expand cooperation to community sector, academic sector, private sector to unlock private land to share as public space. according to good standard criteria it can facilitate the joining of forces to create good activities for the good quality of life of the city”, said Assistant Prof. Dr. Nattawut.

Street vendors, stalls, hampering or displacing the economy

Ms. Poolsap Suanmuang Tulaphan, director of Foundation for Labor and Employment Development, mentioned the resolution “Management of hawker stalls and common use of public spaces of Bangkok people” saying that the issue of hawker stalls has been seen in 2 groups of opinions.

  • A group of people saw that it was littering the city. block the sidewalk
  • while another group of people see it as a part that helps build food security It plays a role in driving the economy of the foundation, while also being the identity and attraction of tourists.

but no matter which perspective What the two groups agree on is the organization of the stalls of the street vendors. it is necessary

4 Resolutions Set up a system of street vendor stalls

for this issue It was considered at the Bangkok Health Assembly. Since the first time in 2020 and there was a rough consensus on 4 items viz

1. The development of hawker stalls is one of the strategies for the spatial development of Bangkok.

2. Establish a policy-level working group and a cluster-level committee.

3. Strengthen the network of street vendors

4. Review and amend laws that hinder the organization of hawker stalls.

“At the moment, we have set up a working group made up of academics and civil society. came to exchange suggestions with the governor’s team Go to the area to talk and meet the hawker network return to formulate development policies Including amending rules that do not favor the organization believes that Bangkok Metropolitan Administration has listened carefully the matter will help the agreement to be successful What we expect to see by the end of 2022 is the establishment of a council of hucksters. Including changing the relevant regulations,” Ms. Poonsub said.

drive innovation Strengthen basic health services

While Dr. Supattra Sriwanichakorn, President of the Association of General Practitioners and Family Medicine of Thailand, discussed the resolution “Development of primary health system in Bangkok to support the crisis” stating that the image of chaos in the area of Bangkok during the COVID-19 situation cow is clearly evident That it is in terms of case finding. or nursing found that in a big city like Bangkok, although there are many service units But instead encountered a large number of inaccessible people. Until the death of a small number of people at home

These reflect gaps in the basic health services system in Bangkok and are the source of proposals to use COVID as a development lesson. especially the upgrading of basic health services which offers opportunities for all sectors. Be it government, private sector or civil society. Come and play a part in helping people reach to the bottom. including leveraging the technology from network partners and various volunteers becoming the power to manage in the system on an ongoing basis, not just during the COVID period

shine a resolution

“An interesting lesson during the gubernatorial election where all parties gathered in the name of Waking Bangkok Network. join together to awaken the trend for various industries come to pay attention to these issues. that the new executives of Bangkok have begun to lead including innovative service systems such as motor launch, Tele-health, as well as initiatives for the construction of hospitals in some areas”.

“Regarding the point that may not move much including network management, good governance, finance and finance. Although it is difficult, it is starting. which are all challenging. And will be able to progress from the power of each part that observes, helps, motivates and synergizes,” said Dr. Supattra.

The “Health Statute” moves health

Aside, Dr. Wongwat Liwluck, chairman of the working group to set guidelines and monitor the movement of Bangkok Health Assembly resolutions, cited the resolution “Bangkok Health Statute”, saying that an important resolution at the first Bangkok Health Assembly meeting was the drafting of the Statute. establish principles, concepts and guidelines to create the well-being of Bangkok

“There are key principles that speak to participatory processes. decentralization Management and distribution of resources lead to equity in the health system reduce inequalities as well as create a good environment promote health, prevent disease”

shine a resolution

Dr. Wongwat said that after the statute was prepared, there were 10 organizations that signed together, such as NHSO, Bangkok, National Health Security Office (NHSO), Thai Health Promotion Foundation (NHSO. ThaiHealth) , the Community Organizations Development Institute (COD) and Rajabhat University in the area. join hands in developing a mechanism to guide the constitution into practice Up to the enlargement of the constitution for health in 12 areas which allowed the network within the district to discuss whether to create a constitution How to move welfare projects

“Over the next 2 years, we aim to expand the work of the health charter to another 10 districts in order to promote the general welfare of the people of Bangkok through the use of local funds. And we also think that there will be at least 5 more academic centers for urban health in Bangkok, so we invite everyone to take part in jointly following up and steering the Bangkok health charter.” Dr. Vongwat said

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