Shin Tae-yong Reveals the Limitations of 2 Years in Handling the National Team


Shin Tae-yong I have been in the role of coach for two years Indonesian National team. The South Korean coach revealed his limitations while dealing with the Garuda Squad.

Shin Tae-yong was recruited to be the coach of the Indonesian national team in January 2020. Initially, the 51-year-old coach was projected to handle the U-19 Indonesian national team. The Garuda Muda squad will compete in the U-20 World Cup next year, Indonesia being the host.

In the Senior National Team, Simon McMenemy was not satisfactory. He was eventually sacked for failing miserably in the 2022 World Cup Qualifiers.

Shin Tae-yong was given the trust to coach the senior national team, producing sweet results. Indonesia’s FIFA ranking also rose from the 170’s position, this month it is already in the 155th rank.

Together with the former South Korean national team player, the Senior National Team has recorded as many as 21 matches. As a result, there were five defeats, 11 wins and five draws.

Shin Tae-yong reveal suggestions so that the national team can be stronger when talking to reporters detikSport, Muhammad Robbani. A strong league is the main requirement. In addition, structured early childhood development should be pursued. Currently, Shin Tae-yong still has to improve his technique so that the player’s abilities can improve.

“So to strengthen the Indonesian national team, it can’t be instant. The national team should call the best players from the league. Then focus directly on the match, not improving the abilities of the Indonesian national team players. Honestly, in the Indonesian national team I don’t have much time to develop the individual abilities of players. That’s why the early childhood development system must be strengthened. And the league must also be strong, the league’s performance must increase. Only then can Indonesian football develop,” said Shin Tae-yong in an interview with detikSport.

“So there must be an effort for early childhood development from teams in the league. So no matter how I develop the Indonesian national team, I can’t keep bringing the players anywhere. Because there will always be rotations from seniors, U-23s, and U-20s. So we should only focus on the game, not develop the player’s abilities. That is the limitation, I am very grateful if people in the league want to develop Indonesian football,” he added.

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