Shin Tae-yong Prepare New Formation to Face North Macedonia


U-19 Indonesian National Team prepared to carry out further trials against North Macedonia. Toward that, Garuda Muda will make a number of rotations.

Garuda Muda will fight the North Macedonia team at the NK Junak Sinj Stadium, Split, on Sunday (11/10/2020). The match was broadcast by Mola TV starting at 19.35 WIB, you can watch it via this link.

U-19 national team coach, Shin Tae-yong, said his team is still making preparations like the previous trial matches. Only difference, he will try a new formation.

This step was taken to anticipate the game of North Macedonia which is not an arbitrary team.

“North Macedonia is a good team, they will definitely take advantage of this trial to participate in tournaments in Europe. The character of the East European team’s game is attached to them,” Shin said on the PSSI website.

U-19 national team striker, Irfan Jauhari, expressed the same thing. He and his colleagues will try to get maximum results.

“Of course, as usual we continue to make good preparations ahead of facing North Macedonia,” said Irfan.

“We will fight hard and get the best results against them,” continued the player from Bali United.

Before facing North Macedonia, Witan Sulaeman cs had already conducted the first trial period two in Croatia against NK Dugopolje.

In the match that rolled on Thursday (8/10), Shin Tae-yong’s squad won 3-0 over NK Dugopolje. this victory will be the second during TC in the crescent-shaped country.

Previous, U-19 national team has also undergone seven trial matches in Croatia against Bulgaria (0-3), Croatia (1-7), Saudi Arabia (3-3), and twice against Qatar (2-1 and 1-1), Bosnia Herzegovina (0-1), and Dinamo Zagreb (1-0).

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