Shin Tae Yong Admits Hard Work Changes Mental Indonesian Players

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia

Shin Tae Yong reveal player Indonesian National team has now changed for the better mentally.

Shin Tae Yong said that he really worked hard to fix the mental aspects of the players. The hard work said the former South Korean national team coach has now paid off.

The mental aspect is a serious concern for Shin Tae Yong. At the end of January, Shin Tae Yong once said that the mentality of players had decreased after returning to their respective clubs after appearing in the 2020 AFF Cup.

“I tried to change the mental aspect of the player more than any other aspect, and it changed,” said Shin Tae Yong fnnews on Monday (20/6).

“Maybe it’s because the players are in the heat, so they tend to relax and it’s like nothing is pressing.”

Although it needs improvement from a mental point of view, Shin Tae Yong assesses that Indonesia’s potential is not lacking. The 51-year-old only emphasized the need for hard work for a player to reach their best level.

“I think in terms of potential enough. The players also understand the direction given by the coach, follow it well, and develop quickly,” said Shin Tae Yong.

The Indonesian national team players showed their mental strength in the 2023 Asian Cup Qualification. Fachruddin Aryanto and his friends gave a surprise by qualifying for the 2023 Asian Cup even though it was not taken into account at first.

The Indonesian national team passed through the path of one of the five best runners-up. Shin Tae Yong’s squad did it after winning over Kuwait 2-1, losing to Jordan 0-1, and destroying Nepal 7-0.

The result made the Indonesian national team qualify for the Asian Cup after waiting 15 years. The Indonesian national team will appear for the fifth time at the event next year.

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